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Mehbs Yaqub Design is a luxury design brand specialising in bespoke interiors, jewellery, products and events, founded in 2001 by talented British designer Mehbs Yaqub. He immediately found his niche in the luxury market and gained admiration from A-list celebrities and prestigious clientele alike.

Mehbs Yaqub


Born in Glasgow, Mehbs began his career as a model working for the likes of the late Alexander McQueen.

Following on from his successful modelling career Mehbs found his niche in the design world and it wasn’t long before his creativity gained notoriety and was approached by London restaurant Sketch where he created the iconic VIP Crystal bathrooms.

Since then he has been kept busy with private clients’ residences across the world.


Mehbs Yaqub Design is synonymous with bespoke luxury design, with notable commissions from some of the most reputable brands in the world wishing to bring an extra touch of glamour to their products.

These include but are not limited to Swarovski, Kerastase/L’Oreal, La Casa del Habano and Schott Glass.

His other notable commissions over the years include an ‘Eternity Box’ for Roman Abramovich, twice Michelin starred London restaurant Umu, London restaurant Momo’s, luxury jeweller Theo Fennell’s 50th Birthday party and Sir Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball.


His most recent work has been spent dealing with private clients residences, from around the globe eager for Mehbs’ bespoke designs. One of Mehbs’ passions is to work alongside these private clients and bring their ideas to life using his unique vision.

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