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The majority of the last decade has been spent creating bespoke designs for private clients’ residences from all over the globe.

Our deep passion is to work alongside these private clients and bring their ideas to life using Mehbs unique vision.

Further projects such as creating two floors of unique amenity space for a premium developer in prime Central London, an exciting project designing creative commercial spaces which is in the direction we wish to pursue.


Our first significant interior project, sponsored by Swarovski, saw Mehbs create the iconic VIP bathrooms at the renowned Mayfair haunt Sketch. The Swarovski Crystal bathrooms feature state of the art laser etched antique glass & over 50,000 Swarovski Crystals.


Chelsea House

Mehbs helped create the perfect family residence in the swanky suburb of Chelsea, located just off the Kings Road. With Andy Warhols and Damien Hirsts occupying every wall, he added to the glamour by creating unique pieces such as The Rainbow Door infused with Swarovski Crystal, a three metre statement mirrored table with silver ribbed glass and internal fibre optic lighting.



World renowned Mayfair Japanese restaurant Umu with two Michelin Stars commissioned Mehbs to design, source and laser cut jet stone with Japanese artwork for their entrance door. He also designed two bespoke chrome mirrored tiles with authentic hand etched designs.

panorama v2.jpg

Onyx Bathroom

For a private Russian client, Mehbs was commissioned to create a unique space with backlit onyx, gold fittings, Swarovski Crystals, LED lighting and marble floors culminating in a masterpiece of luxury design.

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