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Mehbs Yaqub Design is renowned for designing and staging some spectacular events, weddings and parties. Mehbs has the uncanny ability to harness the ideas of the client whilst adding his unique style to produce a truly memorable event for distinguished guests to marvel at.

4th July 2009 6.jpg

Wizard of Oz Wedding

Located in a picturesque Sussex suburb, with fantasy and grandeur in mind and theme of The Wizard of Oz, Mehbs set out to create a very special event for the bride and groom. Mirrored mazes, hanging crystal flowers and bespoke table settings were created, all culminating in a unique and memorable day that is still highly spoken of.


Elton John White Tie & Tiara Ball

The annual AIDS Foundation was hosted by Sir Elton John where ‘The Secret Garden’ was transformed by Mehbs Yaqub Design for a fabulous White Tie and Tiara Ball. Covered by the press with many celebrities in attendance, this was a prestigious event that was not to be missed.

4th July 2009 6.jpg

Theo Fennell’s 50th birthday party

Mehbs Yaqub Design was commissioned by Sir Elton John for his designs at Theo’s 50th birthday party utilising Swarovski Crystals to transform the interiors.

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